Your image is an asset, an ally


I do not know what suits me … How to be at my best … I always buy the wrong pieces … I would like to combine my clothes … I want to be more stylish … I want to boost my look … I got fatter … I have too many clothes yet nothing to wear … I am wary of fashion trends … What should I retain from fashion … What to wear in the office …? I am not used to take care of myself … I am wondering about my style … Help, my best friend is getting married in a week!

Change of work, love or life? A unique event soon? Just want to take care of yourself? Or you just don’t have the time to go shopping (or you don’t feel like it) but still want to look good?

Whatever your desire, your need, we support you.

The philosophy of image consultancy is to highlight your strengths, to go and find your resources and your personal charisma, and to align your image:
– with what you are and what you want to show, in private or at work;
– with your goals, to get the messages you want to convey through your image. You learn to adjust your image.

These are moments for yourself, to take time to take care of yourself.

You are at the center of the process, we are here for you.


Anne-Laure Losseau

Image consultancy

I am an image consultant (Ganesha Events, Brussels) and coach (Executive Master in Business Coaching, UCL).

Having studied law, I have worked as a lawyer in law firms for eight years.

Comme une image brings together my two all-time passions: the beautiful (especially art and fashion) and the human.

Nothing excites me more than to seek harmony. When I was a kid, I spent my time drawing dresses. I kept the curiosity but, fortunately, also the good tastes inherited from my mom.

I like a piece of clothing when it captures the imagination and creates a little world in itself. Don’t they say that imagination is the key to emotions?

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Lily Verhaegen

After studying fashion design in Brussels,  the search for human dimension pushed Lily to turn herself to image consulting.
With this same perspective, she learned to reveal the unique beauty of each woman through professional makeups and styling.

Her vocation was born when she lived in England where she discovered how self-confidence also comes through trust in our own image.

Her perfect knowledge of shapes, materials and cuts, coupled with her great sensitivity and an innate sense of listening allows her to accompany our clients with great talent.


Bertrand Colin

Bertrand is an esthete.

Always fascinated by fashion, he has developed this sharp look that allows him to discern a simple trend from an intemporally beautiful piece.

University graduate and hairdresser, his career is just like him: multiple, deep and unexpected !

His natural kindness and experience make him an outstanding adviser.